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Lecturer & Presenter

Jeremy is available as a lecturer and facilitator on a wide range of topics. 

Jewish Faith Literacy

Click here for a list of topics suitable for audiences of all backgrounds and levels about core tenets of Jewish life and living.  Very suitable for any diversity and awareness training. 


  • Jewish Faith Literacy 101
  • Jewish teachings on sustainability and environment.
  • Jewish Law and Civil Law
  • Medical Ethics
  • Jewish Family Law
  • Orthodox Jews and the Workplace

Jewish History

Click here for a list of lectures and presentations covering the span of Jewish history.



  • The Jews of England 1066-1290
  • Licoricia of Winchester
  • Ikey Solomon, the Real Fagin

Faith Enabled Society

Click here for a range of presentations on Faith in Society. 



  • Five enduring messages of Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks
  • Faith Literacy for a better society
  • 60 Years since Nostra Aetate

Scriptural Reasoning

Jeremy is happy to coordinate and to participate in a Scriptural Reasoning workshop for your community or workplace.


  • Jewish approaches to Dispute Resolution
  • Jewish Medical Ethics